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September Update 2012

September Update 2012

        “It’s for the kids” is one of the most common comments I get about FCA. It’s true that it is for the kids, but the most important component missing in that comment is that FCA is also for the adults that influence those kids. Recognizing the influence of adults, FCA has made a shift in recent years to turn our focus toward coaches. Billy Graham has said “a coach will have the opportunity to influence more kids in a year than most people will have in a lifetime.” Who is influencing the influencers? Who is coaching the coach? FCA is. Most of the time the coach will seek out help with the X’s and O’s of his sport. FCA comes along and helps with the X’s and O’s of the heart. Through FCA staff contacts, Bible study resources, Camps, Clinics, Coaches Bible Studies, and retreats, we equip coaches spiritually to be the men and women God has called them to be. FCA feels like we can be more effective at reaching kids by ministering “to and through coaches.”
        The second comment I hear concerns the huddle/club that meets on the campus. Most people consider FCA on a campus as being the group of athletes and students that gather on a week day morning for devotions to be “FCA”. If the numbers are good then the FCA is strong, and if the numbers are weak then the FCA is weak. However there is more to FCA than just this huddle/club. The campus may have a thriving FCA Team Bible Study, or Coaches Bible Study. FCA could also take the form of a healthy Chaplains’ ministry on campus. There is definitely more than one way FCA can look on campus.
        A third popular comment concerns funding. I know I am preaching to the choir on this one because if you receive this newsletter you are aware how we are funded. However a lot of people think that the National FCA Office funds the local FCA ministries. Not so. All FCA staffs are responsible for raising 100% of their budget. This includes ministry resources like Bibles, Bible study resources, administrative costs, camp scholarships, ministry events to coaches and/or athletes, staffing, travel expenses, etc… FCA is a Faith-Based ministry. Having said all that let me give you a shout out for your investment in East GA FCA. Your faithful support continues to humble me as well as enable me to do what God has called me to do. Thanks!

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