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Huddle Leader App-FCA Team Camps @ GS

Huddle Leader Job Description

Thank you for your interest in serving as a Huddle Leader!! As a Huddle Leader, you will serve under the leadership of the Camp Director and be trained and supervised by the Huddle Leader Coordinator.

Arrival and departure times will be determined by your Huddle Leader Coordinator.

Upon arrival at camp, you will be required to sign a formal statement regarding Youth Protection Guidelines and Expectations of all FCA Camp staff and volunteers

Your Responsibilities will include:

º Participating in the entire pre-camp and daily training times

º Assisting during camp registration

º Monitoring your team's needs

º Being responsible for team members at all times

º Keeping team on schedule

º Maintaining group and individual discipline

º Eating meals with your team

º Enforcing lights out and handling morning wake-up

º Being available to counsel team members if necessary and refer individuals with counseling needs to the appropriate FCA staff person

º If necessary, leading team meetings

º If necessary, leading prayer time

º Participating in clinics/competition

º Being a Christ-like example during competition

º Remembering you are not the coach

º Functioning within all FCA's policies and staff guidelines