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Meet Alisha Moxley!

Meet Alisha Moxley!

Meet Alisha Moxley, FCA Huddle Coach at Toombs County High School!

East Georgia FCA (FCA): You are a teacher. You are a wife and a mom. Your time is valuable. Why do you feel it’s important to give your time to being an FCA Huddle Coach?

Mrs. Moxley (MM): My career as a teacher isn't just a job; it's my mission field. God doesn't restrict us to only serving Him only at church or in our homes.  It's a blessing to be able to serve God in the workplaceMany of my students call me mom. These are my kids. Often times, we are the only Jesus they see. It's important to me to make sure the picture they see is one full of love, compassion, and godly guidance.

FCA: Why do you think FCA Campus Ministry is important?

MM: God is being pushed out of the public school system on a daily basis. I feel FCA is important so students can continue to have the opportunity to hear about God. Some students do not have the opportunity to hear about Him when they leave school. It could be their only chance to begin a relationship with Him that can last a lifetime.

FCA: What has been the biggest challenge to being a Huddle Coach?

MM: Finding the time to meet with all of my FCA members on a consistent basis. Many of the members work and play sports. It's very difficult to obtain a time that works for all.

FCA: What has been the greatest joy in being a Huddle Coach?

MM: Having students, who you would never expect to attend meetings, show up to early morning meetings. I'm also blessed when I overhear students making choices in their lives that reflects what they've learned in one of our meetings.

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